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Rochester, NY Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Are you utilizing the power of social media to grow your business? Or are you missing out on the opportunity to grow your brand and interact with potential customers and clients?

Many businesses dabble in social media enough to get their friends to like or follow, but are not sure how to reach potential customers. They lack the knowledge to formulate an effective strategy. Social media is one of the most powerful tools your business can use to enhance its online reputation and reach. The days of  having just a website are no longer enough to compete in today’s competitive climate. Instead, businesses must be willing to engage with social media in order to have a viable online presence in today’s digitally driven world.

Why Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing for Your Business?

Social Media has exploded in popularity over the last decade, becoming entrenched in the daily lives of billions of people. It is essential for businesses in today’s digital age to have a social media presence, particularly on FacebookGoogle+TwitterYouTube and LinkedIn. Social media is also one of the quickest and most powerful tools for building brand recognition and awareness. As the reach of social media continues to grow, it offers businesses a powerful tool to communicate and interact with their customer base as never before. Businesses that are social media-savvy can build a following of people who will share content and even serve as brand evangelists. Active use of social media sites offers businesses the added benefit for improving their ranking in search engines.

Another advantage of social media is that it allows a business to deal with customer service issues in real time, which further enhances their brand’s public image. Businesses can use social media to build a sense of community by being responsive to customers’ comments and answering questions. Social media grants businesses instant access to their followers and fans giving them direct access to their customers’ particular likes and interests. The ongoing dialogue companies have with their customers is more valuable than any market research they may have commissioned in the past. Why? Because they are fed answers from the customers’ mouth which tells them exactly what changes or improvements their customers would like to see.

Furthermore, companies who utilize social media to answer questions and interact with customers or potential clients demonstrates their breadth of knowledge in the industry. Every effort to demonstrate their business’s knowledge builds them a trustworthy reputation as an authority on their product or service. Businesses need authority online for effective Google ranking. Plus, with the power to decide which content to post and share with your audience the company is putting a positive foot forward in today’s social atmosphere.

All of these benefits are great, but we think the most important aspect to an effective social media marketing campaign is the benefits it will add to your search engine optimization and even pay per click campaigns. Social factors such as Google+ 1′s, Facebook Shares and Likes, and Tweets are playing more of a factor in organic website rankings. For example, the ability to show how many people follow you on Google + and how many +1′s you have on your PPC ads will add to your click thru rate.

About Traffic
Social media marketing has the potential to generate huge amounts of traffic to your business website. When you share videos, blog posts, images, and other content via social media you are providing your audience with links to click through to your website. Each person to visit your website and become familiar with your products or services is more likely to spend money with you in the future.

How it is Measured
We use a traffic monitoring service such as  Google Analytics to measure increased traffic and where it comes from. We will analyze the metrics to see which websites are sending traffic to your website to help optimize your social media campaigns and increase your website traffic even more. For this purpose, you want to be sure that your website is professionally created so that users find an appealing site once they click through from your social media content.

Common SM Fails
Many business owners commonly assume that simply creating an account on Facebook or Twitter, and making an occasional update, is all that is necessary for a successful social media presence.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Companies that lack a carefully managed, comprehensive social media strategy are often worse than having no social media presence at all!

If you want to stay relevant in today’s socially motivated, competitive age, it is important to hire professionals who know how to access the power of social media to generate your business’s growth. You may not have the time to study and learn each social media network’s various function; each social media platform operates in a different way with a unique audience. Effective social media campaigns utilize multiple social networks in their specific ways rather than just focusing on one network alone or distributing the same content on all the sites. Redundancy is frowned upon even on social media!

A Look at The Most Popular Social Media networks:

  • Facebook – With over 1 billion users, many of whom access the site on a daily basis, Facebook is the undisputed “king” of social media. Companies can create a business “page” which basically acts as a website within Facebook where they can market their products, run contests, share content, and build their brand. Facebook users can reach those businesses by “liking” their page.
  • Google+ – This growing network has Google’s power pumping through it. Since it is created by Google, that relationship alone offers Google+ users an advantage in search rankings. Businesses that utilize Google+ can reach and link to like-minded companies or individuals by adding them to categorized circles.
  • Twitter – This micro-blogging network has revolutionized online communications and social media and the meaning of “real time” interaction. The only catch is: users are limited to 140 characters per post. This means that businesses can notify their Twitter followers of industry news or new products easily and in short form that they have time to read. Followers can then share the business’s tweets by “re-tweeting” and spreading the word to their own followers.
  • YouTube – Owned by Google, this network for uploading and sharing videos is now the world’s second largest search engine. Businesses can use YouTube to share promotional videos and commercials for a fraction of the price of TV ads. Videos are also an excellent way of teaching and sharing information with the abundant visual learners today.
  • LinkedIn – This social network is favored by professionals and businesses around the world. It’s often considered an online resume. Businesses can use LinkedIn to network with the top companies in their niche and also give their business a social look by displaying the profiles of the company’s employees.

Different Ways to Communicate With Social Media

Social Media Provides Brand Recognition

One of the reasons that social media is such a valuable marketing tool is the fact that it offers so many different communication options. Here are a few:

  • Posts allow you to make comments or share information with your followers and fans.
  • Photos and Videos are very popular forms of content. If fans or followers find your content appealing, they are likely to share it with others and increase your chances of having a photo or video “go viral” (i.e. spread wildly across the internet).
  • Contests and Giveaways are always a great way to get people involved with your business. If your offer people the chance to win a prize, they are much more likely to take some sort of action on your behalf. It’s your way of extending kindness to your customers and upping the potential that they will share your content, “like” your Facebook page, or submit an email address to your mailing list.
  • Featuring User-Generated Content, such as allowing people to upload their own photos, is also an effective and engaging tactic in today’s social media world. Even asking them to share something, comment or get involved is a way that they begin to identify with your company and trust you more.

These are just a few examples among thousands of ways that you can get people actively engaged with your company’s social media site. Depending on your industry and desired results, you have dozens of available options that we would be thrilled to help you discover!

If you are ready to access the power of social media marketing, contact Tractleads today.

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