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Tractleads at Work! Internet Marketing Learning for the Week of February 5, 2015

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It’s February Already?!

Hello all! Hope everyone had a great first month of the new year. Our Tractleads team has been working hard the past month with our new client programs we have put into place. For us, the past month flew by, which is not a bad thing! (Especially here in Rochester, where it is cold!)

As we all have been diligently working, we are making sure to focus in on growing and learning as well. Each week we dedicate an allotted amount of time to researching and learning about a specific topic or finding in the SEO industry. On Fridays, we get together and share our findings. As a team, I think this brings us closer and we get a feel to what everyone is interested in or wants to learn more about.

So here is what we found to be interesting this past week in our findings. We hope you enjoy and find these to be as helpful and insightful as we did!


Marketing Nerds Ep. 16: Amazing Titles: What Does it Take?

Caitlin discovered this podcast from, Jayson DeMers, a writer for Search Engine Journal, Entrepreneur, Inc., and other outlets. The topic was how to create an engaging title that will lead to more share, clicks, and long results. It talks about how DeMers worked in email marketing and this helped him to decipher what titles work best. He says simplicity is the key, numbers are useful (but it needs to stand out from the crowd, and he says 7 is a magic number).

He also recommends framing your article as the “definitive guide” or an authoritative source for information, which will lead to more clicks and shares. He also states that you want to publish articles that are titled with the most up-to-date times and dates, and that he finds Google is more likely to rate timely articles. He recommends creating titles that are easily Tweetable. As a Creative Content Writer, Caitlin plans on keeping these helpful tips in mind!

Blogging Resolution Your Should Make This Year 

Caitlin is a huge fan of writing, both at work and for leisure. This is a post by Luke Jordan of Intergeek, about making a blogging resolution and sticking to it. Caitlin wanted to check it out because she is always looking for constant motivation to keep my personal blog rolling, but as she expected, it was filled with many valid points that can be applied to her blog posts at work.

His biggest recommendation is to ignore analytics, meaning, don’t let your page ranks and click-through rates affect the quality or frequency of your writing. In the end, these things do matter to an extent, but he urges readers to focus on creating quality, well-written content that encourages people to come back and read more.


Email Marketing and PR, A Match Made in the Inbox

As a recent PR grad, Jenna enjoys finding ways to integrate her PR background with SEO. She came across this article, which greatly explains the benefits of PR and how it is important for small business owners and email marketing. It describes that the more people that get to know a person, their business or the products and services they offer, the bigger the chances of making a sale are when reaching out to target customers. Many people turn to companies they are familiar with. The problem is, the press usually doesn’t just write about companies, however, they do write about problems and how companies may have a solution to these problems.

This also gives great tips how to position yourself to the media and offer relatable stories for thee audience to connect with. By have a relationship with the media, this article concludes that this can be trustworthy for readers who are receiving your marketing emails and can help increase the open and click through rate of them.

10 Mistakes to Avoid on Local Websites 

Jenna works on a lot of citation work for our clients, so local SEO is something she likes to continually learn about. As some of these tips she found to be somewhat of a refresher, others she’d never did seem to think about when doing local citation work for clients. For example, “don’t just focus on your brand” and “don’t just focus on what you sell.” These two things seem to be something a lot of companies do, and as a practitioner she tries to help do for clients. But why?

This article does a great job of explaining being more than just your brand itself. “Every competitor in your niche is selling the same product or service, differentiate yourself. Talk about your business, your community, your story.” This concept is so simple and so true. Jenna will be putting this into use for my clients from now on!


The Wizard of Moz Talks SEO and Shares Tips for 2015

Luissa admires the wiseness of Rand Fishkin of Moz. In this article put out by Content Marketing Institute, Rand address the major problems plaguing the SEO/digital marketing world. First of all, he makes it clear that SEO is not archaic and irrelevant, in fact it’s more necessary than ever. Social media efforts can not nearly have the lasting and far-reaching impact that SEO does. And, additionally, content marketing needs SEO keyword research to work well. So both social media marketing and content marketing work exponentially better alongside a good SEO plan. It’s all-inclusive today.

The next issue Rand addresses is the frustration brands are experiencing because Google now provides instant answers at the top of search queries that keep searchers for clicking into a website. This is all in an effort to be mobile friendly. Rand says that this narrows a brand’s reach only if they are providing factual, straightforward, instant answers. But, this is widening the middle range which allows brands to create content surrounding the more gray areas, and the more interesting information available for audiences. He ends with some 2015 marketing advice that you should check out for yourself!

How to Use Facebook Graph Search to Improve Your Marketing

Luissa has focused on developing a Facebook strategy for 2015. With all the drama surrounding Facebook’s ever tightening organic reach, she knew that she had to mix things up a bit. But, she also knew that getting rid of Facebook entirely didn’t seem right. Social Media examiner gives a great, step-by-step approach to utilizing Facebook’s graph search.

This benefits brands in many ways. You can do thorough audience analysis through graph search and come up with a list of topics and interests in demographics that you wish for each. You can, (surprise!) research your competition! That’s nothing new, but still completely a no-brainer. You can develop common themes among different audiences as well as use twitter hashtags and trending topics to apply to your Facebook content. This can inspire good content topics, discussions to have, and make you a better Facebook user and advertiser altogether.


Find anything interesting or relatable about our findings? Let us know, as we would love to discuss with you!

Tractleads at Work! Internet Marketing Learning for the Week of January 12, 2015

January 16, 2015 | By | No Comments

What Knowledge 2015 Has Brought Us Thus Far…

Happy New Year everyone! Here at Tractleads, we have been busy restructuring many of our clients programs in order to give them the best possible SEO Program in Rochester, NY and Digital Marketing success. Although this may be cliche, our team together has made a resolution for personal growth this year. But not the kind you may be thinking, (well maybe some of us). Mutually, we agree if we grow our digital marketing knowledge as individuals, the sky is the limit in terms of what we can accomplish together!

So here’s to a successful and bright 2015! In the mean time, check out what we have found to be helpful and interesting this past week…


New for Caitlin this year, she will be dabbling in more of our clients analytics. She will track and report each months findings to them. This article is read is basically a crash course in how to use Google analytics. It goes through what you need to do to add the code to your site, as well as a list of basic data you can track using Google Analytics. It does a good job of describing what you need to do in order to get Analytics incorporated into your site, as well as ways to run basic reports. For any Analytics beginners, like Caitlin, check out this for some good tips and explanations!

Although Caitlin is learning the ropes of analytics, she focuses most of her days on creative content writing for our clients. Caitlin found that the theme of this article was how marketers are always putting a lot of pressure on themselves to create compelling, click-worthy content, but that we often don’t live up to our own expectations.

This article discussed how instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, people should take a look at what content and blogs posts are working well for them, and find a way to repurpose and update it. These changes can vary from altering the layout, changing the header and page images, and tweaking the content. The main point was that it’s not the volume of your content that matters, it’s the quality of it. Small, yet simple tips like these will go a long way for Caitlin when she does her day to day content writing.


How Search Engines Value Links via MOZ

While Jenna handles our digital promotion at Tractleads, she feels it’s important to always brush up on good link building practices. Through the MOZ Academy, Jenna found this useful article on what factors play a role in how search engines determine what links are valuable. This article, as well as white board video along with it, does a great job explaining the top 10 things that are valued, as well as devalued when it comes to search engines evaluating ones links. Think you know what the top 10 are? Check out this article and test your knowledge!

Local Outreach and Link Building via MOZ

We all know how important link building is, especially in the local niche of your client. As Jenna deals with many clients who serve their local markets in which they are located, she found this link to be helpful for local link building strategies and tips. For example, the hardest thing for link builders to keep in mind is to focus and obtain links in the local market, rather than industry related links of a client. Check out this article for great applications and ideas on how to grow your clients local links through local outreach. 


How to Make the Most of Social Media Ads

Luissa is always reading about the latest social media trends and tips. We social media users all know how annoying ads can be, especially on social media, a place where consumers go to escape! This article focuses on the ways that Facebook’s mobile ads are important, although they may not lead a user to directly purchase something. The results show that Facebook mobile ads work to lead people to that business’s website and other social media platforms. Since the majority of Facebook views come from mobile devices, these ads give a business better exposure and build the audience’s trust. They’re a stepping stone to conversion.

Kim Garst on Selling Social Media the Smart Way 

This week Luissa joined in on this great webinar between social media entrepreneur Kim Garst and Google+ rockstar Ryan Hanley. They discuss social selling and how important it is to win over the respect and trust of your audience before you ask them to purchase something from you. Getting them to spend the first dollar is the hardest, so you must always provide consistent value to them.

What articles do you find beneficial?

Are you a consistent SEO follower and reader like our team? What links or articles do you find interesting or helpful? We would love to hear from you and to share with us! After all, link sharing does go a long way in the digital marketing world. Comment and share below!

Learning Round Up for December

December 29, 2014 | By | No Comments

What We Do

At Tractleads, we believe in continuous learning to better ourselves as digital marketers, but more importantly, as an entire SEO company. We make it a priority to read and keep up to date with the latest buzz, happenings, and tips shared within the SEO world. Our team has compiled our research and findings into one round-up post to share with you. So here is what we have been up to! Check out what we found to be interesting in the month of December:


Understanding Cross-Device Attribution And Adjusting Campaigns Accordingly

Jenna, who is in charge of digital promotion, researched about email marketing and what makes a successful campaign. This specific article she found talks about tablet and mobile use of consumers and their habits on each device. She found tips on how to create successful messages and campaigns to users on these devices. For example, what they like to see/experience when reading an email marketing campaign. A lot of statistics in this article show buying habits as well. For example, mobile users are looking for quick pieces such as reviews, directions, and phone numbers.


Why SEOs Need To Care About User Experience

Google doesn’t care about SEO, that is what Jenna found in this article. Google’s main concern is their user experience with the search engine. This content gives examples of all the updates and changes Google has made in 2014 that has made user experience that much easier and better. It proved that SEO isn’t about getting traffic its about getting the right user traffic and engaging users with content that satisfies with their objectives.


Five Killer Tips for Conversational Blog Posts

Caitlin, our content creator and analytics reporter, read this post which discussed some tips on how to avoid clunking language, keyword stuffing, and other language techniques while posting on a company blog. The basic tips were, don’t ignore your keywords, try to ignore heavy jargon and lingo, and try to write as if you’re talking to one person, rather than a hundred people. Another tip from the article is to keep the reading level of the reader in mind, meaning you want the article/blog post to sound smart, without confusing the reader.


5 Productivity Tips and Tools for Lazy Content Marketers

Productivity problems faced by content marketers and different tools that can be used to overcome these obstacles is what Caitlin found to be interesting. Contrary to the post’s title, it is not really targeted at lazy content marketers, but workers who are trying to juggle work loads. This piece goes into how eliminating distractions, simplifying your writing environment, getting organized, getting in the “zone”, and maintaining and completing a healthy to-do list, will help every content marketer become more productive, without having to add more hours into their work week. Caitlin thinks everyone should try some of these and test out their productivity!


How to Repurpose the Best Content Formats from 2014

Luissa, our content and social media manager, found this article, which gives examples of the top-rated content styles from this past year. The first type is a local snapshot, meaning anything that researches the data of a certain area and exposes the general views or behaviors. It can create quite a buzz and get people interested and either agreeing or disagreeing. Another content style has to do with secrets to success. If you can interview industry leaders, business owners or professionals and get their secret to success, you will automatically draw a committed readership. Telling real stories can also be a way of relating to the every man or woman and appearing human. And the last format included is listacles. These are articles which list curated content around a certain topic that people are interested in. Buzzfeed does a superb job with these types of posts.


Simple SEO Tip for Small Businesses: Local Citations

This post was found by Jenna, who works greatly with client citations and was sent to Luissa and Caitlin so they could expand their knowledge on local citations. It broke down what citations are, what makes good/successful citations, and why they are important for businesses that do not have full websites. It also discussed why it’s important to take a broader approach to citations, as well as how it puts your ahead of the competition. The article is over a year old, but it has many important points and definitely served as a good crash course into why link building and gathering listings is important.


4 Ways to Make Your Ordinary Content Epic

Caitlin thought this article did a great job of breaking down what goes into a creating a solid page. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to follow the exact optimization rules, and lose sight of the user experience. The examples laid out in this article are well thought out and include a number of examples, which always helps me connect what the author is doing to my own work. It also moved through the examples the way information would be organized on a page (headline, images, links, and so on), so it was easy to see how each idea would be incorporated into an actual page.


What articles do you find helpful? Are you a continuous reader and learner like we Tractleads are? Let us know your thoughts!