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How to Shoot and Edit Your Own Business Video

Videos are pretty valuable these days. Our creative team loves videos because they are a personable outlet that is as close to real life as you can get. We encourage our team to take periodic breaks to view industry related videos and learn the latest inbound marketing tricks/updates from the best in our field.

Why it is Essential that You Start Making Business Videos

Fact: 100 million internet users view videos each day, according to video brewery.

Not only are they widely viewed in today’s media saturated culture, but videos are excellent for business growth. Videos help customers become 64% more likely to purchase a product after viewing a video also according to video brewery.

You may be thinking, well yeah, I believe you, but how could my small or medium-sized business afford professional videos? It’s easy! You do not have to have a gigantic budget in order to afford filming classy business videos. You have both the creativity and equipment to make your own videos and make them look pretty darn fancy.

Start Making Your Own Business Videos Today

We broke it down for you in just a few simple steps.

You will need the following items:

  1. smart phone
  2. computer with iVideo (mac), or Windows Live Movie Maker (PC) program
  3. knowledge about the product or service you will be promoting
  4. a short script
  5. 15 minutes to mess around with a video shoot
  6. a quiet, well lit space
  7. passion for success

You can use your video to be both personable and authoritative at the same time. You ready to get started?

6 Tips to Create Your Professional Business Video

Tip 1: make sure your phone is flipped horizontally for the best quality and video size.

Tip 2: stick to a time limit of 3 minutes or less

Tip 3: Choose a topic that will engage your specific business audience and teach them something valuable to them. You can share industry tips, advice, news, facts, or stories.

Tip 4: Upload your video to your computer using a USB cord or a cord that connects your two devices.

Tip 5: Use the programs iMovie for a mac or Windows Live Movie Maker for a PC

Tip 6: Don’t forget to share your video on your website and any social media outlets to promote it consistently to all of your audiences.

It’s really this simple. Are you ready to go and make important videos that will connect with your audience in a meaningful, new way?

Now over to you…

Let us know how it goes. We love hearing how your experience goes. Don’t forget to check back for more videos and #TractleadsTips

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